William Gibson and the Chatsubo Bar T-shirt

William Gibson meets a fan wearing a Chatsubo Bar T-shirt from Memetic Tees
When I designed the Chatsubo Bar T-shirt back in 2008, I couldn’t have imagined that someday Mr. William Gibson would see one of them.

My jaw dropped when I saw this picture posted to my Facebook wall by Blake wearing his Chatsubo Bar T-shirt at a reading of Mr. Gibson at the University of Calgary in Canada.

What can I say? I admire Gibson and my designs are the result of my passion for the worlds he creates. Have you seen his funny expression? He looks like a great guy. I doubt that I’ll ever have a chance to be that close to him, but I am delighted that one of my designs -a tribute to his work- had that privilege.

  • AI


    must be a glorious moment for you 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Yeees, I felt good!

  • I wrote a PhD about Gibson’s books, pretty much dedicating seven years of my life to furthering the critical analysis of his work, and I had the honour of a half hour chat with him just after that release of Zero History. I’m pleased to say that you are absolutely right – he is a great guy. Extremely intelligent, witty, thoughtful, full of fascinating bits of information and new perspectives while also filled with a hunger to get new information from whomever he is talking to.

    Needless to say, I’ll be ordering some T-shirts from you soon 😀

    • Anonymous

      A PhD about Gibson’s books! Now that’s interesting! I share your admiration for him and I see that that half hour must have been memorable. I envy you.

  • Robin

    Would you believe I took that picture?  As I remember from the short conversation that we had with Gibson he was aware that your shirts existed, but he hadn’t had a chance to check them out yet.  He was very happy to see one being worn by a fan.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Robin, it makes me happy to hear that, I’d have liked to have that conversation. By the way, good picture, you captured the right moment.