• plagueship

    that is beautiful! and there is a guy on the ceiling screaming into her mouth, and they both would look at home in the Sprawl. awesome!

    anyway i really want a fucking Ono-Sendai 7 sticker for my laptop. knaamean?
    chatsubo shirt is nice, font is fucking spot on. but i think it might be cooler with a slightly bigger, louder, more stylized design – maybe a little fluorescent green, something more pictorial? don’t be afraid to design like a hipster; hipsters not only have some great design chops, they are also the corporate technocratic overlords of tomorrw. ditto the TA shirt.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for your words. I really like that kind of feedback. It’s true that many times I refrain from using my first doddles about a design and end up polishing them until they are more…formal. About stickers it’s something I want to do but for some reason, spreadshirt USA doesn’t make stickers, while Spreadhirt Europe has this option available. I have to explore new paths.

  • That is a great looking cyborg tattoo.

  • Rachet

    To whoever this girl is: 1. As an artist myself that tattoo is amazing
    2. It makes you extremely attractive
    3. That would be an awesome surprise for whoever see’s you with your shirt off, you don’t look like you’d have a 3d tattoo and it probably catch’s most of your partner’s by surprise

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