Polo Shirts for geeks and sci-fi lovers like you

I have finally started a polo shirts line for those who can’t wear other than collars at work but want to stay cool and show off what they like, and of course, for those who simply like to wear polos at any occasion.
By now they include designs for Tessier-Ashpool—based on Neuromancer—, Weyland-Yutani—based on Aliens Movie—, Umbrella Corporation—based on Resident Evil—, and Tyrell corporation based on Blade Runner.
Tyrell Corporation - Nexus Division Polo Shirt
Umbrella corporation Polo Shirt

  • Love it.  Are you going to do polos for the Sprawl line? Or maybe polos with just the logos?  

    • Anonymous

      Hi JC, thank you! Yes, this is something I want to do. By now there are a couple of Tessier-Ashpool polos but I need to rework some of the logos cause it’s difficult to cut thin lines on vynil. But it’s in my To-Do List 😉

      • I look forward to your designs.  I have 3 of your shirts (and just ordered 2 more) and love them.  Everywhere I wear them, especially at my work (I teach), I am always complimented on the designs and true fans of William Gibson are always asking where I got the shirts.  

        • Anonymous

          I’m glad to hear that! And I’d love to see a classroom with the teacher wearing one of my designs, this is truly great for me. Thanks a lot!