Free Netbook or Laptop sleeve

Get a free laptop or netbook sleeve with a purchase of $40/40 € or more (max. value $16/16€).

Free Laptop sleeve

There are quite a few ways to keep your laptop scratch free. Some choose to stylishly cover their laptop with stickers, while others give their mobile computer a “second skin” with a sleeve. Advantage of a sleeve: you definitely will keep your laptop snug and protected against bumps and scratches (also increasing the re-sell value). Disadvantage: you really can’t express your personality with a store-bought sleeve. But, not so with memetic sleeves! And this month that’s possible at an especially low price (it really doesn’t get lower than this).

To take advantage of this promotion, you must add your desired Netbook or laptop sleeve. Only when one of the netbook or laptop sleeves is added to the basket, will you be able to use the coupon code.

The coupon codes FREESLEEVE (for the U.S. and Europe) or CADFREESLEEVE (for Canada) are valid from September 6th through October 1st, 2010.

Only one sleeve per order, but during the promotion period, the regular price of sleeves will drop to $16/16€ !!!