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Tessier-Ashpool AI T-shirt

Clothing printed in Flex Vynil

A slightly shiny surface, and smooth to the touch. Extremely durable, doesn`t fade with washing.

*Standard Weight T-Shirt

Tessier-Ashpool is a fictional family appearing in William Gibson's Sprawl trilogy novels.

The family owns Freeside, a space station shaped like a spindle Bernal sphere constructed in high orbit. The family resides in the Villa Straylight, which occupies one end of the spindle. The family is organized and run as a corporation, Tessier-Ashpool S.A..


Family members are kept under cryogenic stasis and thawed out periodically so that governance of the family is cycled between members. According to "orbital law" they are legally dead while cryogenically preserved.


Like in many other companies, employees wear the company T-shirts. Get yours now.

Inspired by the cult novel Neuromancer by William Gibson.

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