In the Beginning… Was the Command Line

This is the title of an essay by Neal Stephenson published online in 1999.

From the Wikipedia: “The essay is a commentary on why the proprietary operating systems business is unlikely to remain profitable in the future because of competition from free software. It also analyzes the corporate/collective culture of the Microsoft, Macintosh, and free software communities.”

Despite the contents of the essay, I was captivated by the title the very moment I read it. It’s a great title, something worthy of the great writer that he is. It is a blend of mysticism and technology that makes you imagine stories regardless of the content of the essay. I liked it so much that I decided I wanted to wear it and, well, this is the result. I’m thinking of starting a “slogans” section.

In the beginning...was the command line

Simple but elegant. A perfect gift for Hackers, Linux lovers and geeks.