About Memetic tees

Memetic tees  is a personal project.  Here you’ll find T-shirts and other apparel mainly related to Science fiction, Singularity, Cyberpunk novels, Science, etc.  These are T-shirts for real fans like you.  Not everybody knows what Weyland-Yutani, Sulaco, The Chatsubo or The Voight.Kampff Test stand for.In addition to T-shirts, you can also select long sleeves, hoodies, jackets, polos, large sizes, womens’ T-shirts, tanks, messenger bags, laptop sleeves…

You will find exclusive designs inspired by the same books, movies and themes you love and with a stylish touch. You’ll be happy to wear them not only for casual wear but also for going to an event like comic con, a book signing, or to work.  You might even wear some of them for going out at night.  I’ve had requests for them from music bands, DJs, corporate security agents…  Real fans of Neuromancer and Snow Crash get crazy about the Chatsubo Bar, Tessier-Ashpool or The Black Sun.

About me

I am a graphic designer and web programmer from Barcelona. I am passionate about all of the themes that inspire my designs.
Some years ago I created a few T-shirts for myself and many people fell in love with them.  I started this shop and although I don’t make a living doing this, I’m more than happy with the excited comments and support I receive from you. This is a labour of love and it’s wonderful to meet people with similar interests.

My designs

I assume that if you are reading this you like some of the same things that I do.  I don’t make T-shirts, I make designs about the things that I love or that excite my imagination. I want my designs to serve to connect people with interests similar to yours or  to spark a conversation about them.  It’s nice to see the looks on peoples’ faces when they suddenly recognize your Nexus 6 or Sulaco T-shirt.

But wait, I’m not alone

I’ve partnered with Spreadshirt to produce my designs. They take care of the entire process once you start adding items to the cart. They have great products and high quality standards. Your information is safe and free from spam, your transaction is secure and they have an extremely kind and helpful team that will do all their best for you to be completely satisfied with your purchase.

Contact me

No, really. Not just for questions. The best part of this experience is you.  Most of the people who contact me can tell you this.  I like to chat with all of you because if you like my designs, we have things in common.  You don’t even need to be a current or prospective customer.  I’ve met many interesting people who wrote just to ask about sizes and we ended exchanging lots of email. Leave your impressions, write on my Facebook wall or my twitter, or send me an email. I’ll be glad to meet you.