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Punisher and Cthulhu Mashup Tshirt


Inspired by «The Punisher» and Cthulhu, this mashup merges the concept of the famous Punisher T-shirt with the Great Cthulhu in a T-shirt with great visual strength that will attract the looks of fans of these two characters  but also of those who don’t know about them.

The Punisher

Frank Castle does not hesitate to murder those he deems worthy of his punishment.


Cthulhu is a monstrous entity who lies «dead but dreaming» in the city of R’lyeh, a place of non-Euclidean madness presently (and mercifully) sunken below the depths of the Pacific Ocean.

It is said that he will return, causing worldwide insanity and mindless violence before finally displacing humanity forever.

The Cthulhunisher T-shirt

The idea for this design came to me in a flash just thinking about wearing the Punisher Skull. I had been thinking for a long time about creating something related to the Cthulhu universe and, who knows, maybe my subconscious mind was mixing it in the background with all my inputs. 🙂


The design is directly printed in the garment with a slight distressed look. It’s available for men and women on many products. Hope you like it!Cthulhu-punisher-products

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Good for Health, Bad for Education T-shirt – Akira

New design inspired by the movie Akira. In the movie, Kaneda, member of the «capsule gang» wears a jacket with the sentence «Good for Health, Bad for Education» on his back. This is an elegant twist to wear it in any occasion.


Good for Health, Bad for Education products

As always the design is available in many products for men and women. Just take a look at the page and browse for the one you like.




You may also like to wear Akira written in Katakana characters.


Take a look at the available products for both designs.


Standard Model of Particle Physics T-shirt

This new t-shirt in the shop, showcases the equation of the Standard Model of Particle Physics. The Standard Model explains how the basic building blocks of matter interact, governed by four fundamental forces.

Standard Model of Particle Physics t-shirt


  • The top line describes the forces: electricity, magnetism and the strong and weak nuclear forces.
  • The second line describes how these forces act on the fundamental particles of matter, namely the quarks and leptons.
  • The third line describes how these particles obtain their masses from the Higgs boson,
  • and the fourth line enables the Higgs boson to do the job.

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Max Headroom t-shirt

Max_Headroom_design_blackA great t-shirt of an icon of the 80’s TV. Max Headroom is still a cult among early cyberpunk lovers.

Max Headroom: 20 Minutes into the Future is a 1985 cyberpunk television movie created by Chrysalis Visual Programming Ltd. for Channel 4 in the UK to provide a back story for Max Headroom, a computer generated TV host. A British produced, yet American broadcast, television series, Max Headroom, was later developed from the original film.

 The Max Headroom story

This is a extract from a great long article about Max Headroom movie and TV series.

Max Headroom was  about an accidentally-created, computer-generated being named “Max Headroom” who lived inside a television network’s computer system.  Max, as he was known, was forever randomly popping up in each of the televised episodes with pearls of wit and wisdom, delivered in his trademark computer-to-blame stutter, often aggravating friends and foes alike.  Still, Max was a generally likeable creation once viewers got to know him.

Max Headroom the character was “born” when an actual news reporter named Edison Carter – ace investigative, mini-cam-toting reporter for Network 23 – had a near-death encounter in pursuit of a story.  On a motorcycle, Carter was racing into a parking garage on the trail of some hot information when he smashed through, and was knocked out by, an automated entrance gate emblazoned with the warning phrase “maximum headroom.”  That was the last phrase the erstwhile reporter recorded in his brain.

You can read the full plot at The Pop History Dig.

The design


The design is printed in sleek and durable vynil so it will never fade with washing. The are two slight different versions for both dark and light garnments.


Max Headroom is still a cult. A great t-shirt of an icon of the 80’s TV. 

D-d-don’t think more, G-g-get it now!

Power Loader Class I Operator – Heavy Weapon Docking T-shirt.

Power Loader Operator T-shirt


New design based on the movie Aliens.

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Some months ago I had a similar design that went out of the shop. Now, a new version comes in based in my own redesign and the nice reviews and suggestions by my «friends» in my facebook page. Love you all 😉

A working t-shirt for Colonial Marines certified as PWL Class I operators aboard the USS Sulaco.

For those of us who had the chance to watch Aliens back in 1986, the vision of the Power Loader was something hard to forget. Later came Matrix Revolutions and Avatar with even more impressing exoskeletons, but everything has his time and in my case the Power loader left the most vivid impression.

Printed in durable vinyl

As with all my designs the product is printed in vinyl so it won’t fade with washing (see printing methods in new tab).

We got you covered. Many products to choose

T-shirts, long sleeves, and hoodies are available for both men and women. Plus sizes too.

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Polo Shirts for geeks and sci-fi lovers like you

I have finally started a polo shirts line for those who can’t wear other than collars at work but want to stay cool and show off what they like, and of course, for those who simply like to wear polos at any occasion.
By now they include designs for Tessier-Ashpool—based on Neuromancer—, Weyland-Yutani—based on Aliens Movie—, Umbrella Corporation—based on Resident Evil—, and Tyrell corporation based on Blade Runner.
Tyrell Corporation - Nexus Division Polo Shirt
Umbrella corporation Polo Shirt

Live Long and Prosper T-shirt


Those who are fans of Star Trek and even most of who aren’t recognize the Vulcan Salute.

The salute was devised and popularised by Leonard Nimoy, who portrayed the half-Vulcan character Mr. Spock on the original Star Trek television series in the late 1960s.

Although there are several designs around related to this salute, I wanted, as always, something that was elegant, something that even non-fans could wear and feel comfortable. Well, I hope I did it.

If you are a trekkie you are gonna be one of the most stylish. If not, rest assured that you will get many glances.

Go to the page in the US shop or EU shop and select your model and your color.

Poor Impulse Control T-shirt

In the excelent novel «Snow Crash» by Neal Stephenson  one of the characters, Raven, gets a tatto with the phrase «Poor impulse Control» in his forehead, an indication that he has been arrested for committing a violent crime.

Here’s a little excerpt:

Until a man is twenty-five, he still thinks, every so often, that under the right circumstances he could be the baddest motherfucker in the world… Hiro used to feel this way, too, but then he ran into Raven. In a way, this was liberating. He no longer has to worry about being the baddest motherfucker in the world. The position is taken.

Snow crash

What makes Raven the «baddest motherfucker in the world»?

Well, these are some of the main points of his resume:

  • His father was nuked twice before he was born, making Raven a mutant.
  • Once killed most of the crew and passengers on a Russian nuclear submarine with a piece of glass, leaving the survivors to work in knee-deep blood.
  • Can make knives from glass that are a molecule thick and can therefore slice through bulletproof fabric. They can also pass through metal detectors without being detected.
  • He has electrodes in his brain that are linked to a hydrogen bomb stolen from a Russian nuclear submarine. If Raven dies, 20 square miles of landscape around him disappear.

I’m sure many people will like the design regardless of its relation with the novel and I guess that being available in «glow in the dark» is a plus. It’s a good design to wear at night.

Enter the US Shop or the EU shop and take a look.

By the way if you have read the book I’d like to know which hilarious details you liked most.

Fahrenheit 451 T-shirt

Fahrenheit 451 is Ray Bradbury’s timeless classic, frightening vision of the future where firemen don’t put out fires —they start them in order to burn books. The Bradbury classic envisions a society where books are forbidden, free thought and intellectualism discouraged and questioning authority can get you killed (Any parallels with today’s society?).

The title is based on the temperature at wich paper was suposed to catch fire and burn. Although different papers burn at different temperatures, the fact is that «Farenheit 451» is a powerful «title» to wear on.

There’s a 1966 movie by François Truffaut but I didn’t want to base it on the film, just create a strong highly-visual impact.

The design is available in 3 colors over a variety of shirt colors depending on the product. Except for the Glow in the Dark design, red and golden yellow designs are made of Flock vynil, so it has a velvety touch.

Enter the US shop or the EU shop and take a look at the different possibilities.

Selfish T-shirt. It’s not me, It’s my genome.

This is a t-shirt design based on a proposal from one of the facebook fans of memetic tees and related to The Selfish Gene, a book on evolution by Richard Dawkins, published in 1976. Dawkins coined the term «selfish gene» as a way of expressing the gene-centred view of evolution as opposed to the views focused on the organism and the group.

Selfish. It's not Me, It's my Genome

Selfish. It's not Me, It's my Genome

Elegant with a touch of humor. Are you a fan of evolution or Dawkins’ books? Don’t miss this shirt, is a must have for you.

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