Fahrenheit 451 T-shirt

Fahrenheit 451 is Ray Bradbury’s timeless classic, frightening vision of the future where firemen don’t put out fires —they start them in order to burn books. The Bradbury classic envisions a society where books are forbidden, free thought and intellectualism discouraged and questioning authority can get you killed (Any parallels with today’s society?).

The title is based on the temperature at wich paper was suposed to catch fire and burn. Although different papers burn at different temperatures, the fact is that “Farenheit 451” is a powerful “title” to wear on.

There’s a 1966 movie by François Truffaut but I didn’t want to base it on the film, just create a strong highly-visual impact.

The design is available in 3 colors over a variety of shirt colors depending on the product. Except for the Glow in the Dark design, red and golden yellow designs are made of Flock vynil, so it has a velvety touch.

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