First Neuromancer poster. Jack In Soon.

Some days ago, the first ‘official’ poster for an upcoming Neuromancer movie was spotted by coming soon at the American Film Market (AFM). A good piece of art that invites us to “Jack In Soon”.

First Official Poster of Neuromancer Movie

Leaving aside my concerns about the convenience of a Neuromancer movie, —you know, we Neuromancer lovers don’t want something that ruins our feelings about such an astounding book—, and given that this movie could finally be done, this poster has made my synapses to fire. I’m a Sci-Fi junkie and I’ll be anxious to watch the movie once it debuts. I guess that Vincenzo Natali is struggling to make a decent adaptation. This is something Natali said in an interview by Bleeding Cool:

[Case] enters what was coined the ‘Matrix’ but what was actually blatantly lifted by the Wachowski Brothers, so I’m calling it something else, but essentially he goes into this other alternative universe which a kind of Platonic universe, where everything is pure and clean and beautiful. So that would be very much a digital construct in the film.

I hope “clean and beautiful” doesn’t mean it will look like “I, Robot”.