Power Loader Class I Operator – Heavy Weapon Docking T-shirt.

Aliens Power Loader T-shirt

New design based on the movie Aliens.

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Some months ago, I had a similar design that went out of the shop. Now, an updated version comes in based in my own redesign and the nice reviews and suggestions by my “friends” in my facebook page. Love you all 😉

A working t-shirt for Colonial Marines certified as PWL Class I operators aboard the USS Sulaco.

For those of us who had the chance to watch Aliens back in 1986, the vision of the Power Loader was something hard to forget. Later came Matrix Revolutions and Avatar with even more impressing exoskeletons, but everything has his time and in my case the Power loader left the most vivid impression.

Printed in durable vinyl.

As with all my designs the product is printed in vinyl, so it won’t fade with washing (see printing methods in new tab).

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