Max Headroom T-shirt design

Max Headroom t-shirt

Max Headroom T-shirt design

A great t-shirt of an icon of the 80’s TV. Max Headroom is still a cult among early cyberpunk lovers.

Max Headroom: 20 Minutes into the Future is a 1985 cyberpunk television movie created by Chrysalis Visual Programming Ltd. for Channel 4 in the UK to provide a back story for Max Headroom, a computer-generated TV host. A British produced, yet American broadcast, television series, Max Headroom, was later developed from the original film.

 The Max Headroom story

This is an extract from a great long article about Max Headroom movie and TV series.

Max Headroom was about an accidentally created, computer-generated being named “Max Headroom” who lived inside a television network’s computer system.  Max, as he was known, was forever randomly popping up in each of the televised episodes with pearls of wit and wisdom, delivered in his trademark computer-to-blame stutter, often aggravating friends and foes alike.  Still, Max was a generally likeable creation once viewers got to know him.

Max Headroom the character was “born” when an actual news reporter named Edison Carter – ace investigative, mini-cam-toting reporter for Network 23 – had a near-death encounter in pursuit of a story.  On a motorcycle, Carter was racing into a parking garage on the trail of some hot information when he smashed through, and was knocked out by, an automated entrance gate emblazoned with the warning phrase “maximum headroom.”  That was the last phrase the erstwhile reporter recorded in his brain.

You can read the full plot at The Pop History Dig.

Max Headroom T-shirt

The design is printed in sleek and durable vinyl so it will never fade with washing. The are two slightly different versions for both dark and light garments.


Max Headroom is still a cult. A great t-shirt of an icon of the 80’s TV. 

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