Punisher and Cthulhu Mashup Tshirt


Inspired by “The Punisher” and Cthulhu, this mashup merges the concept of the famous Punisher T-shirt with the Great Cthulhu in a T-shirt with great visual strength that will attract the looks of fans of these two characters  but also of those who don’t know about them.

The Punisher

Frank Castle does not hesitate to murder those he deems worthy of his punishment.


Cthulhu is a monstrous entity who lies “dead but dreaming” in the city of R’lyeh, a place of non-Euclidean madness presently (and mercifully) sunken below the depths of the Pacific Ocean.

It is said that he will return, causing worldwide insanity and mindless violence before finally displacing humanity forever.

The Cthulhunisher T-shirt

The idea for this design came to me in a flash just thinking about wearing the Punisher Skull. I had been thinking for a long time about creating something related to the Cthulhu universe and, who knows, maybe my subconscious mind was mixing it in the background with all my inputs. 🙂


The design is directly printed in the garment with a slight distressed look. It’s available for men and women on many products. Hope you like it!Cthulhu-punisher-products

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