Tessier-Ashpool: A walk on the geek side

This is real geek stuff. T-shirts based on the fictitious company Tessier-Ashpool S.A. from the book Neuromancer by William Gibson.

Unlike other designs on Memetic Tees, the idea here wasn’t to create a striking logo but a serious corporate image that would serve as a base for the shirts of the company and its various departments (IT, AI R&D…). Are you a geek?  Do you work in an IT Dept.?  What if you had been working for Tessier-Ashpool?

Tessier Ashpool IT Department

It all started with the suggestions of “The Doctor” who among other things suggested a design with Hideo as a protagonist.

In the novel, Hideo is a cybernetically-modified, genetically-engineered clone bodyguard/assassin in service of the Tessier-Ashpools. Highly trained in ninja martial arts, he is loyal and dangerous.

Tessier-Ashpool Special Ops

This shirt is saying “Don’t mess with me or the last thing you’ll see will be my blade  sticking through your throat”

For the “IT Department” T-shirt, you can select your color. Here are some suggestions.

Tessier-Ashpool Special Ops

Come on, get one and show your friends you worked for the family that owns Freeside and the mainframe to which the AI Wintermute is attached.