Hosaka and Ono-Sendai: Break the ICE T-shirt

Ono-Sendai - Hosaka design
“With his deck waiting, back in the loft, an Ono-Sendai
Cyberspace 7. They’d left the place littered with the abstract white forms of the foam packing units, with crumpled plastic film and hundreds of tiny foam beads. The Ono-Sendai; next year’s most expensive Hosaka computer; a Sony monitor; a dozen disks of corporate-grade ice; a Braun coffee maker.”
Excerpt from Neuromancer, by William Gibson

Those of us who like Neuromancer have  a lot of referents, names of objects and places imagined by William Gibson that  evoke strong feelings. I suppose that this is part of the fan phenomenon.

The Ono-Sendai deck and the Hosaka computers are some of these objects. I think that the strength of  the Ono-Sendai, for example, was enough to make a good T-shirt. My first idea was to create a console. Then the slogan “Break the ICE” came to my mind and I designed a sort of cube to represent the “ICE”, but I wasn’t able to make something of my taste.

Working at the same time with the Hosaka logo, it all started to take form when I wondered how “Hosaka” would look written with Kanji characters. Hosaka, Ono-Sendai, Cyberspace 7, the “ICE”…a lot of good feeling-igniters gathered together in a T-shirt hard to ignore.

Ono-Sendai Cyberspace 7 T-Shirt

An Hosaka computer and an Ono-Sendai Cyberspace 7 deck. The perfect combination to break the ICE.

I started to play with many combinations of colors but I wasn’t able to decide about just one, so here they are the ones I liked the best.

Hosaka - Ono-Sendai T-Shirts