Standard Model of Particle Physics T-shirt

This new t-shirt in the shop, showcases the equation of the Standard Model of Particle Physics. The Standard Model explains how the basic building blocks of matter interact, governed by four fundamental forces.

Standard Model of Particle Physics t-shirt


  • The top line describes the forces: electricity, magnetism and the strong and weak nuclear forces.
  • The second line describes how these forces act on the fundamental particles of matter, namely the quarks and leptons.
  • The third line describes how these particles obtain their masses from the Higgs boson,
  • and the fourth line enables the Higgs boson to do the job.

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A memetic tee in a cnet video about transhumanism

Here’s a reportage from CNET France about transhumanism. If you watch, you will see that from minute 0:43, David Latapie, one of the interviewees is wearing a memetic tee :-).

Most of it is in french, of course.

David Latapie is the treasurer and the spokesperson of Technoprog, the French Transhumanist Association (French Wikipedia). He is particularly interested in technological empowerment for the masses and in open-sourcing the emerging technologies of the NBIC (Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Information technology and Cognitive science).

David contacted me by email telling me that he had bought one of my t-shirts and that he planned to appear with it in one interview for that channel.

I’m always glad to see one of memetic’s tees in pictures around the Web or posted to facebook and so I was when I saw it on cnet’s channel.

The T-shirt

Well, the micro doesn’t let the design to be fully seen but here is the shirt:

Posthuman T-shirtAnd if you aren’t still ready to go as far as becoming posthuman you can always stay with the previous phase :-):

Thanshuman T-shirtGo ahead and add any of these H+ t-shirts to your wish list.