Deadlines for Xmas

Please note deadlines for Christmas orders: In the US Shop: Shipping Deadlines Standard (Continental US): December 13, 2013 Premium: December 16, 2013 Next Day Express: December 22, 2013 International Standard: December 3, 2013 Canada Premium: December 13, 2013 International Premium: December 13, 2013 In the EU shop: Delivery deadlines for Germany Standard: 18 December 2013 …

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Coupon 20% off

The early bird buys now – and gets 20% off From November 5th to the 12th, with our early-bird discount, you can save a whopping 20% and avoid the stress of last minute shopping right before Christmas. 20% off all products Period: November 5-12, 2013 Coupon Code: EARLY20

A memetic tee in a cnet video about transhumanism

Here’s a reportage from CNET France about transhumanism. If you watch, you will see that from minute 0:43, David Latapie, one of the interviewees is wearing a memetic tee :-). Most of it is in french, of course. David Latapie is the treasurer and the spokesperson of Technoprog, the French Transhumanist Association (French Wikipedia). He is particularly interested …

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